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Our first Meeting – December 1, 2009

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Reading: Fidei Depositum. (pp 1-6 in the paperback Liberria Editrice Vaticana edition)

On December 1, we met, prayed, introduced ourselves and discussed what we hoped to get out of this discussion group. Housekeeping included handing out a schedule of readings (See the Schedule of Reading tab above for the latest updated schedule) and collecting contact info for the participants. We agreed to next meet on 12/15, as the 8th is Immaculate Conception.

About a dozen people showed up, including 4 teenagers/young adults.

Key issues discussed: (Feel free to add to this in comments! This is only my now month-old memory)

– we are called by the Church and by our new bishop to continue in our growth and study of the faith – this reading group is one opportunity to do that;

– Confirmation is not the end of formal Catholic education, but closer to the beginning;

– the CCC is a text designed to aid catechists in the creation of local versions, and also for the rest of us;

– the CCC is not an easy read, but does reward working through it with a deeper understanding of the Church and her Lord.

– Since this was the first meeting, we didn’t really get into the actual text – that will start next meeting.

Please add your thoughts.

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December 24, 2009 2 comments

If you have an interest in learning what the Catholic Church teaches from her official Catechism, (and live near Concord, California!) please consider coming to ourĀ  Tuesday evening discussion group at 6:30 in the offices building at St. Francis Parish in Concord. Even if you’ve missed the first few meetings, or can only make it occasionally, you are still welcome. This blog will help you keep up with what we’re discussing and what people have had to say about the readings if you’ve missed a meeting.

A great New Year’s resolution: to learn more about what the Church teaches, and to share with other Catholics in a faith-filled and orthodox setting.

Hope to see you there, and to read your comments in this blog.

In Christ,

Joseph Moore

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