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Our first Meeting – December 1, 2009

Reading: Fidei Depositum. (pp 1-6 in the paperback Liberria Editrice Vaticana edition)

On December 1, we met, prayed, introduced ourselves and discussed what we hoped to get out of this discussion group. Housekeeping included handing out a schedule of readings (See the Schedule of Reading tab above for the latest updated schedule) and collecting contact info for the participants. We agreed to next meet on 12/15, as the 8th is Immaculate Conception.

About a dozen people showed up, including 4 teenagers/young adults.

Key issues discussed: (Feel free to add to this in comments! This is only my now month-old memory)

– we are called by the Church and by our new bishop to continue in our growth and study of the faith – this reading group is one opportunity to do that;

– Confirmation is not the end of formal Catholic education, but closer to the beginning;

– the CCC is a text designed to aid catechists in the creation of local versions, and also for the rest of us;

– the CCC is not an easy read, but does reward working through it with a deeper understanding of the Church and her Lord.

– Since this was the first meeting, we didn’t really get into the actual text – that will start next meeting.

Please add your thoughts.

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